GSMJIF Announces Launch of New Website

The Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund, a property and casualty fund, formed pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:10-36, currently serving 38 New Jersey municipalities covering 12 counties spanning the state, today announced the launch of its newly revamped website. This redesigned website offers quick and easy access to essential information and highlights the comprehensive value-added services offered. The new website has a clean, uncluttered design with improved functionality and enhanced content. 

“We are excited about our new website launch and the robust information it provides for all stakeholders to better understand the breadth of solutions we offer,” stated Jonathan Hall, President. The new website goes live today under its web address:

The GSMJIF new website will be updated on a regular basis with meeting news, safety training, events, and more.  Visitors are encouraged to explore the website at

The GSMJIF was formed in 2002 by NIP Group, Inc. in response to the lack of affordable commercial insurance for municipalities. The primary objective of the GSMJIF is to provide its members with a secure, long-term and cost effective risk management program that will help maintain municipal budget stability year over year. The GSMJIF achieves this objective by implementing the best risk, underwriting, claims and litigation management practices, which improve public and employee safety and lower the ultimate cost of risk. Each of these disciplines is overseen by internal, highly experienced managers who work closely with outside service providers and members to achieve best-in-class results.